Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mmm, won't these be lovely to look at next year?

Some Doodads by ~furious-teapot on deviantART

Carpal Tunnel or RSI, my wrist can't seem to decide right now.

Just some drawings I did a couple of weeks ago. I realise I need to actually draw characters interacting with one another, rather than just random poses. As always, I like to receive feedback on my stuff, so if you notice anything that makes your brain twinge, let me know!

On a side note, I just purchased two more art books to add to my growing collection. I know I shouldn't, because I need to be saving for a reference book on owls.
Oh god, the guilt I feel right now, similar to how one feels when you fart into a TAFE chair: you know you really shouldn't, but afterwards, you accept that it had to be done.

Actually, one of the books, called 'Moonshine', is one I'm sure my fellow animators would be interested in, as it features the work of many Dreamworks artists - after dark!

I recommend purchasing it from The Book Depository however, rather than Amazon, as they are cheaper and offer free international shipping, a statement I'm sure Google will love me for.

So, does anyone else have some sort of artistic obsession? Buying art supplies? Collecting "Marquette's"? I'd love to know!


  1. Farting in a TAFE chair - I herked up my organic mineral tea when I rad that part.

    Another excellent post Tim.

    My artistic obsession is collecting original artwork from emerging animators, while they are still free and wild running through the forest, before they get famous or weighed down by any sense of praise for their work.

  2. That should read as "read" not rad. Typo!