Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking in Slow Motion

As animators, we particularly in the art world have the important task of mimicking life, whether comically or to a realistic, believable standard. One way we do this is through recording an example of what we wish to create, and study it's behaviour - just how exactly it works.

I found this video while browsing some other blogs, and thought it was a great example of really analysing subject matter. Also, seeing things move in slow motion is basically really cool.

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  1. Excellent research Tim. But remember slow mo' doesn't help you with the animation principle of timing. It is fantastic for analysing posing, exaggeration, overlapping action and follow through.

    An animation trap, however, is animating in 'bullet time'. That's how old and cliched it is that it has a "Matrix" reference term. The skilled animator will use all the analysis and then apply perfect anticipation, spacing and timing to produce the highest appeal.

    For animation students it is a good idea to have a real time clip of the action as well as the super slow mo' version.

    Nice topic.