Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pose Up for Critique!

My 'exaggerated' pose - my original pose wasn't crouched and my head not as low, and now that I think of it I could have made his torso horizontal and bent the punching arm, but that might have changed the triangle shape of his pose . . . oppinions?


  1. its got a strong line of action and effective balance but it could use some more light form the top or side that we are viewing to add more of a dramatic effect

  2. my opinion,, well tim where do i start.
    its excellent. I agree with your idea though about the line of action, perhaps if you bent the line of action more it would have exaggerated the pose. Perhaps the arm more bent would carry through more anger? rock anger?
    also the face maybe could be less peaceful, and more effective to carry through the pose. I like the dramatic lighting though.

  3. it's a very bold type of pose and it has a very strong effect, very good with the lighting.
    Maybe it could of added a much stronger affect if the head was facing upwards to give a very serious sort of look and the right leg could of been outstretched more and maybe bend the arm a bit just so that the weight balances.
    but other than that it's awsome.


  4. Its a very strong pose. And you have used the lighting to compliment this fact. There could be a little room for improvment in the line of action. By that I mean the character seems very neutral, no real emotion. As a singular image it doesnt tell much of a story. But other than that, great work.

  5. I like your pose Tim, but maybe the hand on the far side could be more of a fist, and turn his head slightly towards the camera.

  6. What I like about the post is that the animator has done some self evaluation. Tim, for your compatriots, please post up a comparison version of the pose (the earlier one?). We learn so much more from before and after examples.

    What I like about the pose is the foundation of a line of action. It is very moody and deep image. However the energy or message is a noble knight who has been defeated.

    I'm thinking this is the pose where Shamu is kidnapped and stuffed in a chlorine tank?

    As we discussed after checking the Jack Black video reference, kidnapping a killer whale would propably take more vigour.

    The pose could be improved by starting the line of action curve by rotating the core control (the blue square hula hoop controller), then rotating the upper body controllers together to get a nice curve through the upper spine and shoulders. The pelvis controller, the lowest round hoop body controller can then be tilted to enhance the line of action created.

    Currently the core body control and pelvis control appear not to be rotated. Max's back breaks mid-spine.

    Further subtle twists and rotations can be applied too the neck and head controllers to get the head off the vertical axes.

    The right foot appears broken That is good news in one form as it is a point of exaggeration. Taking posing ideas to extremes where the rig is broken is good practise because it means you passed the point of perfection and you can work back to it. Not pushing to extremes is an indication that perfection is unattainable.

    You've got plenty of constructive critiques here. Use them to eveolve into an even better animator by having another go at this pose and posting a further update. You would be glad if you do.